Monday, June 15, 2009

My News!

Hi Everyone!!!

So, I wanted to wait a little longer to share my news, didn't want to jinx anything. But, I love all of you gorgeous people and appreciate your support. You deserve to know why I have been so absent lately, and that reason is...I'm PREGNANT!!!!!

Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy...ok, lol!!!! This is my very first baby and I've been placed on bed rest. Unfortunately I can't take the fumes of nail polish. I'll try to post some other content up, and I have some old pics (they're not really good) If anyone would like to guest post feel free!!!

I really do enjoy interacting with you all and us sharing our creativity, but this is a little blessing that needs to come first.

Love you ladies and gents and I will continue to stop by and visit you!!!!

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My News!

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