Thursday, September 3, 2009

More Blog Awards:)

Is always so nice when we receive blog awards. I know I got another blog award but I cannot remember already who gave me the award and what award  was. Sorry
So, before I forgot to post this recent blog awards I want to thank  Sara for awarding me these blog awards. 
I did received another blog award which I was awarded previously, anyway I want to  Neelai  for  the thought.

 The rules of this award are:

*Link back to the person who passed you the award!
*Complete the below form
*Share 7 random things about yourself!
*Award 15 blogs.
*Drop them a line and tell them about it! 

Here's the form to be completed:

Name your favourite color: 

Name your favourite song: 
Placebo running up that hill (vampire diaries  album remix)

Name your fav dessert: 
I love all desserts ( sweet tooth)

What makes you mad? 

When you're upset, you... 
Go to sleep

Your favourite pet: 
I love all animals but as  pets I prefer cats or dogs.

Black or White? 

Your biggest fear is...: 

Your best feature is...: 
My hands

Everyday attitude: 
Stressed out

What is perfection? 

Guilty pleasure: 
ChocolateI am eating  a lion chocolate bar at the moment shhhhhhhhh)

7 random things about myself now...

  1.  My favourite nights out  is going  to the cinema. 
  2. When I like a music I can listen to it  over and over again until I get bored.
  3. I love listen to piano melodies.  
  4. I like everything in there place (hate mess).
  5. I love to see the stars(such a dreamer)
  6. I like to watch the history channel (hehehehe )
  7. I don't like  texting messages  I prefer to phone.

  1. Now passing the awards his is  always hard has I don't like to exclude  anyone so, if you know me I always give the award to my lovely readers that would like to have them:) You Are All Tagged. 

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More Blog Awards:)

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