Saturday, September 5, 2009

Revlon Beach Nail Polish Swatch (Scented)

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 Today the nail polish swatch is from revlon and the name of the colour is beach. This is a  scented nail polish which means it has a different scent that the normal nail polishes. To be honest i only   can smell the different scent when the nail polish is dry. When  I apply it on my nails it  still smells like any other nail polish. Beach is  very sheer, i had to apply 3 coats to show the colour like you can see on the  picture. Maybe 4 coats would be even better. The colour  for me is  hard to describe,  is like a yellow green a bit metallic.  Before i forget the scent reminds me of   sunscreen, not very pleasant to me but better than the normal nail polish scent. I bought this on clearance in the Factory Shop but somehow i saw it selling on superdrug as a new limited edition nail polish( maybe my one  is an older stock). Do you like the colour?

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Revlon Beach Nail Polish Swatch (Scented)

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